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We’re a creative consultancy providing communications design, strategy and research.

For over 10 years we've worked with diverse clients in areas of sustainability, social justice, education, culture and the arts. From communications strategy, branding, promotions, publications, exhibition and display, websites and digital solutions, we've done it. And we're pretty good

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Justin Westgate – creative director

Justin has specialised experience working on social communications projects alongside more traditional design and promotion. Versed in a wide range of media, from print, branding and promotions, to web, multimedia, photography and digital video, his design practice has focused on dealing with social, environmental and cultural issues. In New Zealand he’s worked for a wide range of clients, from local government, government-funded agencies to NGOs, health promotion agencies and arts and culture organisations. In the UK he acted as design and production manager for international development agency Christian Aid, and has worked in design roles in Australia and Ireland.

Justin has been actively involved with organisations and networks promoting social justice and sustainability, (including 350 Aotearoa, Intersect NZ, Global Climate Change Week) as well as working in community youth development as a counsellor and performance educator. He has also served as a lecturer and examiner across a number of university design programmes both in New Zealand and Australia. He holds a postgraduate degree in design, a BA in sociology/anthropology, and an MA in cultural geography.

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Stuart Sontier – technical director

Stuart is a trained electronics engineer and photographer, and manages the technical development of projects.
Well versed in both commercial and open-source web development technologies, he has been developing web and database applications since 1995. Using both custom-coded functionality and open-source API's such as Google Maps, he has co-developed web-based tools for energy behaviour-change, survey data management and information display.
Working as a photographer, Stuart has focused on cultural and indigenous issues. He has been a participant and documentor of a number of Hikoi, and has documented and written about Maori and Pasifika cultural arts. His work in Indonesia investigated traditional arts as well as the notion of ‘cultural portrait’ within a globally knowledgeable society. His current, more abstract work, explores uncertainty within an uncertain landscape.
Stuart has been actively involved with organisations focused on social justice issues and arts promotion. As an active member of PhotoForum for over 18 years, he co-organised several large exhibitions and instigated and managed their website (until 2017), which serves as a showcase and information portal for NZ photographers. He was instrumental in establishing the aid group Computers for East Timor, and has been involved with Amnesty International and various environmental campaigns.